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About Us

Women in the Hobby (WITH) is a 100% volunteer organization founded in 2019 by Tai Fauci (Bullpen Sports) and Sara Layton (Layton Sports Cards). Tai and Sara, along with other enthusiastic female collectors formed WITH with the understanding that society advances with messages of inclusivity, diversity, and belonging and that the Hobby was lagging behind.


WITH’s mission is inclusivity, with the goal of making the Hobby welcoming for future generations of collectors. There is room for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, geography, socio-economic status, disability, etc. When young female collectors see us or hear our voices, they know that there is a place in the Hobby for them.


WITH works to raise awareness that trading cards do not only feature male athletes. We support releases of products featuring athletes of all genders and that showcase women’s professional sports leagues like WNBA, NSWL, UEFA Women’s Champions League & AU.


WITH has started a larger conversation within the Hobby about not only diversity and inclusion, but how we treat and speak to each other at shows, trade nights, in hobby shops, and especially online. These conversations need to continue and evolve until the Hobby is a safe and welcoming space for all. 


The misconception that the Hobby is only composed of male collectors was (and is still) the reality in many people's minds. But that's simply not the case, as is evidenced by over 400 women who are part of the very active WITH Facebook group where female collectors join to discuss the ins and outs of trading cards and sports, but also work to champion and support each other. 


There is no wrong way to collect.


Collecting is for All.


Sara Layton, Founder

Tai Fauci, Founder

Julie Develin, Founding Member

Annemarie Farrell, Founding Member

Cathy Mahan, Founding Member

Kristina Thorson, Founding Member

Stephanie Garcia, Member

Kayla Norsworthy, Member

Hanna Chang, Member

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