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Women in the Hobby Join ‘The Chase’

The hobby of card collecting is a large community of people who enjoy possessing a diversity of sports, players, topics and more. Sometimes in the hobby, though, the demographic of collectors isn’t as diverse as the products collected.

On Wednesday, Julie Develin, Tai Fauci and Sara Layton joined “The Chase” as part of Women in the Hobby, a group that shines a light on women collectors in the collecting hobby. 

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The Future is Female

Meet the Women Making Card Collecting More Inclusive and Diverse

Hanna Chang hears it all the time from fellow collectors: “Hey man, love that card. Whatcha asking for it?”

She doesn’t get offended because she knows they usually don’t mean any harm. She thinks it’s probably more about systematic bias than anything, the same way people say “you guys” to refer to any group of multiple people.

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